You Are the Miracle!

You Are the Miracle!

I recently received an email from Susan Taylor Shier that spoke to me so I wanted to share it with my readers.


This is the season of joy and giving and kindness and magic!


30151806_sIt’s a special holiday season that our hearts love to be a part of.


At the same time, it can feel like the season of stretching and a season of lack in both our inner and outer worlds.


Our human dimension feels like it’s being stretched in all ways. It can feel like it doesn’t have what it needs in the realm of space, time, love and joy.


We have to be so careful not to be burdened by the self-imposed limitations we carry around during this holiday season that makes us feel that we don’t have what we need to create the joy and magic we know is possible.


If we say, “When I have the money, I will …” it puts our human sense of limitation in the driver’s seat. We immediately dive into survival and question how to MAKE our life work through willpower and pushing through the lack and limitation we sit in.


The universe cannot easily find openings to create with us when we are in the space of limitation and lack.


What if we start differently – from our heart and soul?


What if we say: “I have everything I need to create …” in the name of the joy and magic of the season.


When we feel this energy in motion, then the universe of love, support, magic and power has something to co-create with you.


Does this seem impractical and unrealistic? To the mind, by itself, absolutely.


To the power of creation, this is the universal formula of creation in action.


When you truly FEEL, in your being and bones, that you have what you need to be the creator of your life in whatever area is valuable to you and you ACT from that regal place of authentic assurance, the universe plays its part in bringing the elements you require at the human dimension for yourself. This includes time, space, money and ability to bring what you desire to fruition.


When we say we need a miracle, the same factors apply.


You cannot stand in fear and limitation and expect a “miracle” to rain upon you. You’re operating from a constricted space in your heart and body and there is no room in the inn for the “miracle.”


If it’s difficult for you to feel the joy and enthusiasm Susan writes about, contact me to help reconnect you to your joy. Learn to love your life again.

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