Welcome 2016!

Welcome 2016!

This year I’m asking for your help with one of my New Year’s Resolutions.



Yesterday I listened to a webinar by Debra Poneman and  Marci Shimoff.  They offer ways to live in what they call the “Miracle Zone.”  This happens when you’ve created the space for being open to receive miracles.  That’s when life simply flows.  Recognizing that most of us know something about the Law of Attraction and setting intentions, they suggest that where we go wrong is in setting intentions from a place of ego rather than soul.  An example was given for wanting to lose 20 lbs.  If you state your intention, “I will lose 20 lbs.” it comes from ego, involving emotions of wanting to look good, of not accepting how you currently appear, and of lack.  The same desire can be expressed as a soul intention – “I’m fit, vital and healthy.”  This is a totally different angle that aligns with the truth of who you really are and comes from the realm of all possibilities.


They suggested that we look at each of the goals we’ve set and reword them as intentions coming from soul instead of ego.  For me, this means moving from, “I intend to have a thriving practice,” to “I serve a growing community of committed clients.”  That feels much different.


Poneman and Shimoff say another secret to moving into the Miracle Zone is to harness the power of the thoughts of those who know you or are around you. That makes so much sense to me that I’m moved to ask for your help. Here’s what I’d like you to do.  Please assist me in holding my vision of being a successful coach and healer who easily helps clients transform their lives. When you think of me, think about how I’ve helped you and how that skill can be used to help others.  If you think I could improve, see me already growing in ways that better serve others.


With a beautiful new work space, Paula (Pilcher Health & Bodyworks) and I want to fill it with clients who are ready to live healthy, meaningful lives filled with joy.  As we collaborate and concentrate our efforts to help clients overcome their depression and anxiety, I’m asking you – yes, you – to help hold our vision.  We both are passionate about creating a center that offers natural ways to find health and happiness.  Please contribute your thoughts to building and expanding that energy.


Similarly, I’d also like to issue an invitation to you.  If you have a goal you’ve set for yourself, something you’d like others to help hold the energy for, please share your goal in an email to me.  I’ll help you to hold that image of the new you.


I’m so grateful to you for being in my life, for giving me an opportunity to serve.  With all my heart I want to move to the next level of service.  Please help me step into that space where miracles happen every day.


May you find your way into the Miracle Zone where miracle after miracle just show up.



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