Ready or Not?

Ready or Not?

Ready or not, here I come. Remember those words from the hide and seek game some of us used to play as children? It meant whether or not our friends had found a safe hiding place, we had finished counting to 50 or whatever and we were coming to find them. I wonder what is coming to find you.


Susan Taylor Shier recently wrote,

20593862_s“We’re never really fully ready for the larger life-changing events that transform us forever – be it birth, marriage, a new career, or a week long out of town retreat.


Once we move beyond the natural fear of feeling ‘not ready’ and embrace the next steps the universe has in store for us to enhance our bigger picture and purpose, we can’t imagine what our life would be without having made those heart and soul choices. We are forever changed.”


I think Susan is right. Our conscious mind finds all kinds of fears to delay making an important decision. But, I believe that we’re always ready at a soul level for whatever comes our way. If you are reading this, you’re ready for the changes that coaching and energy work can bring. It isn’t ‘chance’ that the universe arranged that these words are coming to you today. They are here to remind you that coaching and energy work create miraculous changes in the lives of those who recognize their readiness or are courageous enough to act despite their fears.


I invite you to accept the invitation to jump into your next level of greatness. What life-changing ways of living are waiting for you to discover? How bright can your Light really shine?


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