How is Intention Related to Time?

How is Intention Related to Time?

32671053_sI want to suggest that you really explore how setting a strong intention and then letting go can assist you in daily life in ways you may not have imagined. When I went to the Barbara Brennan School of Healing one of the very first things we learned was how to set our “Hara Line.” This is an energetic line, at the level of intention, that passes straight through your body from above to the center of the earth. According to Brennan, “Everything we do rests on the foundation of our intentionality in the moment we do it…It is our intentionality that creates the energy in our auric field.”*


From day one of school, I learned to connect the points along the Hara Line. This was vital to assist in staying in school. The homework we received was overwhelming. The only way I could accomplish all the tasks was from a centered place of very focused intention. As the years went by, the school work demanded of me increased, but at the same time got easier because I learned that the secret was all in setting and holding that strong Hara Line in relation to whatever the task was. I found that I could complete difficult assignments in amazingly short periods of time when the intention was strong.


After I graduated, it gradually dawned on me that my perception of time could be altered when working with a strong Hara Line. I began to experience instances of time either slowing or speeding up to allow for all that I needed to do or to enable me to reach a destination quickly. Life no longer seemed so hectic when I could set a strong intention for accomplishing something and then release the outcome, trusting that I would finish or arrive at just the “right” time.


I invite you to play with the idea of time in this way. We know from Quantum Physics that time-space is an illusion. How do we make our illusion work for us? I’m curious to know if others have experienced purposefully manipulating time. If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences.


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