Conscious Expansion of Time?

Conscious Expansion of Time?

A few days ago I had an exciting conversation with Jude Currivan, a British scientist and healer with a master’s degree in physics, specializing in cosmology and quantum theory and a PhD in archaeology, researching ancient cosmologies.  (And if you don’t want clockto look up cosmology as I did, here’s a definition.  It’s a branch of philosophy dealing with the origin, processes and structure of the universe.)   I’d sent an email to Jude because I remembered reading in one of her books about an unusual experience she’d had with time while leading a group in Egypt.  Since I’m about to begin a series of workshops on time, I wanted to find the reference to read to workshop participants.  I had a pretty vivid recall of the story but wanted to be certain of the details.  In my email, I also asked about her experiences of consciously manipulating time.


Jude responded to my email open-heartedly, suggesting the Skype conversation we had on Wednesday.  It was thrilling for me to finally talk with someone who has had many of the same experiences with time that I have.  Jude is just completing a book designed to bridge the chasm between science and ancient wisdom using language that a lay person can understand.  The breadth and depth of her knowledge is so impressive and yet she’s extremely easy to talk to.  I was delighted to have confirmation that the principles I know and follow are the same she teaches in terms of using time as a tool to assist us. Time is not fixed, but you can learn how to expand or contract it to meet your needs.  It’s a matter of attention and intention and involves a major shift in internal mindset away from scarcity.  If you’re interested in learning more, stay tuned for up-coming workshop information.


And, here’s a very interesting aside.  Jude spent a little time looking for the reference that had initially prompted my contacting her.  She couldn’t find it.  Not only that, although she’s experienced similar circumstances, she has no memory of ever writing it.  Now I’m on a hunt for where it is in her books or where else I could possibly have read it.


If you have a story about a strange experience with time, I’d love to hear it. Please contact me at 503-207-5490 or email Thank you!


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