Change Comes to Safran Hamilton!

Change Comes to Safran Hamilton!

So, this is an actual picture of a saffron flower which was used to create my logo.  Safran is the German spelling for the spice.  I went back to using my maiden name along with my married name because my brother only had girls and there was an apparent end to our line of Safrans.  Also, of course, I may have been influenced by the fact that when I went to the doctor’s office years ago and told them my name was Joan Hamilton, I was asked, “Which one?”  Apparently there were 6 of us just in that one doctor’s office.


flower pictureAnyway, it really feels like the Safran part of me is in the midst of expansion. There never was a time when I was growing up that I didn’t feel like I had something important to do that was unrelated to getting married and having children, which is what all my friends were doing.  As the likelihood that I would have a career with impact faded, I figured that the “really big” thing I was supposed to do was just my own personal spiritual development.  Not a small thing in itself.  But, recently I’ve come to realize that I want to grow bigger.  I want this practice of mine to be more than what some might call a hobby.  Not that the work I’ve done hasn’t been important or good, just that it’s been on a small scale.  That’s changing.


In January I signed up for a 6 week coaching program with Bill Baren.  He works nationally and internationally with small business owners – mostly coaches and healers it seems – to grow their businesses in a way that has a larger impact on the world.  In March he brought together 700 of us to inspire and motivate us to make what he calls, “The Big Shift.”  I went to San Francisco knowing he would offer more coaching but figuring I’d learn what he had to teach in the weekend and then go home.  I had no intention of signing up for more.  Was I wrong……….


I’m now enrolled in Bill’s year long program.  It’s very expensive, very scary, and very exciting.  It’s all about finding your message and then delivering it in a big way.  One of the first things I learned was to really hone in on my niche.  Who did I want to work with?  The answer sort of surprised me.  For the last 8 years or so I’ve been “playing” with time.  I’ve learned how to use it in a way that supports me in my life.  For about three years I’ve toyed with the idea of wanting to teach others how to do what I do.  I briefly mentioned it in my last newsletter.  It’s an idea that is roaring in my head wanting to get out in a big way.


In March I gathered a small group of mostly fellow BNI members to use as my guinea pig group.  I taught them all I know about what seems to be a 5 step process.  They committed to work with the ideas and some agreed to be part of an on-going study group to further explore how and when the principles work.  What gave me the confidence to begin teaching was locating two people on the internet who do the same expanding and contracting of time that I do.  Recently someone told me its called, “Time Bending.”


Thus TimeTools was born.  Now that I’ve seen that others can easily learn how to implement working with time in their lives, I’m offering paid workshops twice a month.  I’ve also started to give free presentations in a number of settings.  Which is one reason for devoting so much space to this in my newsletter.  I want you to know about the next presentation for something called The Professional Collective.  You can read about it at their website or on Facebook. For more information click here or you can check out my facebook page.


My website is in the process of having a TimeTools section added.  This isn’t in any way an end to the individual work I do.  The energy work and coaching are ways to support making the paradigm shift required to use time as your friend.  It all seems to flow together and gives me a great opportunity to do the teaching that I love.  So hooray!  I’m stretching and growing in ways I never really imagined before.


Please continue to refer your friends to me.  Consider coming to a TimeTools workshop.  They happen the 1st and 3rd Mondays every month and I’ll be adding a Saturday morning time slot when needed.  The workshop lasts for 90 minutes and in that time you learn all you need to know to go forth and use time in a whole new way that supports you in getting to events on time, working more productively, finding more free time for family and friends, etc.


Here’s a sample of what others are saying about the workshop, “I never seemed to have enough time to do the things I needed.  I was not able to clean my houses very fast or get enough sleep or have enough time for food preparation.  As a result of the training, I have been working the techniques into my days and cleaning routines.  I seem to be able to get things done about 25% faster. I also found time for a lot of meal preparation that I need to do.  It helps me to focus and do more in less time.”  S.L. Green House Cleaning.


Thank you for helping me to get to this point in my life. I send great love.

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