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About Me

When I was 24 years old, I was a Peace Corps volunteer in a remote village in up-country Liberia, West Africa. I woke up one morning, surprised to see that the wall of my room was black instead of the white wash I usually woke to. It didn’t take me long to realize the wall was completely smothered by tiny driver ants. I grabbed some clothes, woke my roommate, and fled the house. This was the second time in as many months that the ants had invaded our home.


The volunteer before us had dealt with this problem by stocking up on Shelltox pesticide and spraying them to death. He’d ended up with 18-inch high mounds of ant bodies in every corner of the house. I just couldn’t bring myself to do that, but I did complain bitterly to my students at school that the ants had once more taken over my home.


One small boy spoke up and said, “Teacher, you want rid of ants, you may call the old woman. She draw a line in the sand and say they may not cross over.” Having learned a healthy respect for “country” ways, I replied, “Bring her.”


I wasn’t allowed to watch the process but the woman came and it was the end of ant invasions on our property. It was also the beginning of a life-long quest to understand how such a thing could be possible. This experience so altered my world view that when I returned to the United States I began to read every metaphysical book I could find. I am still on that spiritual quest…


The journey hasn’t always been easy. I married and had three children. Along the way, I earned a Ph.D. in Human Development, did teacher training in post-war Liberia and spent years working with special needs children and their families. Near the end of my career, I was frequently assigned to “difficult” families, because I was able to detach from their anger and frustration. I understood them and found ways to ease their acceptance of an overwhelming situation they never dreamt they would have to face. In time, I also had to deal with the personal pain of losing both my parents, financial worries and the end of my 41-year marriage.


Teaching you to work your unique magic in your own life.

LEAP 2004 210I became an energy worker in 2009 following four intense years of training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Since then I’ve learned other energy healing methods such as Reiki and Quantum Energetics Disciplines (The Quick Pulse and The  Advanced Pulse.) In 2012, I added life coach certification which gave me additional tools to help clients make real life changes. Regardless of the method, I’m passionate about the work I do as a Life Coach.


Aside from my extensive training and diverse background, I have done my own emotional work. Many healers and coaches who want to help others are unconsciously trying to repair their own wounded hearts. Unresolved issues can cause coaches to read into their clients’ experiences resulting in misdirection and coaching that does not feel “right” to the client. Such coaching usually ends abruptly.


LEAP 2004 087In my case, my energy training required that I delve deeply into my own issues with a therapist every other week for four years. This frees me to be objective and unbiased about your life choices. My sole purpose is to help you uncover personal insights and make decisions from the core of your being without cultural programming or the lens of past experience.


My energy healing practices and coaching training facilitated my transformation from a victim role to being in charge of my life. That is what I hope to offer my clients.


My promise is to always be fully present for you, wherever you are in your process. I stand as an advocate for achieving your deepest fulfillment and highest potential.

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