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Coaching is a tool for emotionally healthy people who want more out of their lives and careers. Everyone has to live through confusion, problems and disappointment at various points in life. We all experience times of feeling depression and anxiety. When a situation or change evokes strong emotion, it is difficult to see all the options available to us and plan a clear path through to the other side.  If you recognize yourself already, skip right to the contact page and sign up for your first hour of free coaching.

Those times when confusion blocks your view are when coaching can help the most. Through gentle, supportive self-exploration, you examine your core values and identify any beliefs that are false or in conflict with who you are. Coaching allows us to walk together for a time while you dig deeper into who you are and what you want your life to be. Once you experience congruence between your values and the way you are living, you will move forward with confidence and grace.

As Americans, we are often reluctant to ask for help, mistakenly thinking we should be able to figure it all out ourselves. Ask yourself this – have you ever really accomplished anything completely on your own? Or wasn’t there always at least one person who listened, walked with you or encouraged you?

Using tools gathered from over 40 years on a spiritual path, I assist you in bringing to the surface your deepest desires and purpose. No matter what the challenge is, I can help you resolve it. Together we discover the triggers that keep you reacting from emotion or stuck in old thinking that holds you back. I’m always there to support, challenge, and celebrate success with you.

Like all coaches, I ask the hard questions within the context of a safe, non-judgmental space. My years of work as a trained energy healer significantly enhance my effectiveness as a coach. For those clients who are ready and willing to take the work to a deeper level, I offer energy processes that can swiftly clear obstacles.

Both coaching and energy work rely in part upon the practitioner’s ability to be open to intuition. That’s what lies behind asking the “right” question at just the “right” time. I purposefully invite “guidance” or intuition to play an active part in every session, including holding the intention that your own intuition show up and be recognized.

Most important: I can’t and I won’t solve problems for you. I will guide you to discover the best of you. I will hold up a mirror that reflects your own brilliance back to you … and it will transform your world.  Explore coaching for yourself by going to the contact page and signing up for your first complimentary session.

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